Bulbophyllum triste – 365 days of orchids – day 1555

This Bulbophyllum is a true miniature and we have to remember to spot it flowering with its delightful cluster of dark red flowers produced like a tiny (1cm long) bunch of grapes.

Bulbophyllum triste is found from the Western Himalayas through to South East Asia in seasonally dry forests from 800 to 1800m that experience warm wet summers and cooler dryer winters. Like many species from this habitat the species is deciduous (as shown in our photo) with the short flower spikes emerging from the base of the leading leafless pseudobulb.

We grow the species mounted in our Warm Asia Section where it is surrounded by other species from the same habitat many of which flower at this time of year, reminding us to keep a close eye on Bublophyllum triste.


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