Anacamptis morio near Brewham

There is little to compare with a field of Anacamptis morio (Green Winged Orchid) in early May, and this field near Brewham, Somerset is outstanding.

With today’s weather forecast looking wet and windy it was a treat to be taken to see this fantastic field of Cowslips and Green Winged Orchids by a local nature enthusiast. Anacamptis morio is arguably the most variable of our native British orchids and with a field with as many plants as this there are lots of different colour combinations to spot.

If you have a field of Anacamptis morio near you (check out mature reserves online) then this week is the perfect time to visit. The field near Brewham is managed brilliantly by its owner based on low density grazing.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    No wonder you were so exited at the prospect of visiting this field. What beautiful orchids! I have noticed cowslips have been very good this year.