All set for the World Orchid Conference this weekend

Excitement is building at school for the Virtual World Orchid Conference this weekend in Taiwan (and online). Two groups of Mendip Studio School Students are presenting at the conference, Chloe, Tallis and Jess presenting ” The Students’ Experience of the Writhlington School Orchid Project”, and Otto and Amalia presenting their Poster “Orchid Conservation the Future Generation”

There is also a lecture by Simon Pugh-Jones ‘The Writhlington School’s Orchid Project – A Teacher’s Perspective on Developing Orchid Science Education and Conservation in A State Secondary School

and a joint Poster Presentation by Tonny Kasinja in Rwanda and Simon on ‘Global School Orchid Projects – Working with Aerangis verdickii in Rwanda’

We are also very proud of our partners in Sarawak who are also taking part, with MRSM School students Alwin, Humaria, Nur and Natalia presenting ‘A Study on in vitro Micropropagation of Dendrobium anosmum (An Endangered Orchid Species)’

And scientist, Tengku Auvaroza presenting ‘A Study on the Introduction of Dendrobium anosmum (An Endangered Species Orchid), Dendrobium crumenatum and Arundina graminifolia Into An Elaeis Guineensis (Oil Palm) Estate in Kuching, Sarawak’

We hope to make lots of new friends and great contacts for joint projects in the future.


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