Abdoninea minimiflora – 365 days of orchids – day 1554

We are delighted to see Abdominea minimiflora one of our favourite mini miniatures in flower again today.

Minimiflora means ‘tiny flowered’ and this species lives up to its name. As you can see the whole plant (now quite a specimen) is 6cm across and the flowers are about 2mm across.

The flowers themselves have a ‘large bowl shaped lip and remind us a little of rows of ‘minions’ from the film ‘Despicable Me’ – what do you think?

The species is found in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines and grows as an epiphyte (on trees) or a lithophyte (on rocks) in hot lowland rainforest. This is habitat that we have explored extensively in Sarawak where there is a great diversity of tiny orchids that we often found low in the forest on trunks and lower branches where the shade gives protection from extreme drying by the hot sun in dry periods. There is rainfall throughout the year and so we spray this species daily but in our Warm Asia section (Min 17C) it dries out quite quickly after watering. The species is related to Vanda and so has no pseudobulbs, and uses its thick roots as water storage.

The long lasting tiny flowers are produced in succession on a pendulous spikes up to 10cm long. The plant produces lots of roots when grown mounted and we hang it high in our Warm Asia section where it gets a daily watering from the hose.



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  1. Alan Wild says:

    Never seen the film. Do you have a close up (Macro picture) so we can compare?

    Nice looking specimen. Is it scented?

    Thanks for showing all these unusual plants.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Good idea, I will get my students onto taking a good closeup. I didn’t notice a scent but will check again. Simon