WSBEorchids website is back thanks to Daniel

We are all up and running again thanks to Daniel Groves who created this site with Luke Barnes back in 2008 – Daniel is now 28 and 10 years after leaving school has not yet managed to escape from the Orchid Project. Which all goes to show that the Orchid Project’s  philosophy of ‘If you need something done ask a teenager’ still holds, even true when the teenager in question has grown old and become a top professional and innovator in their field (Dan is now a Project Leader and Product Owner)

Today’s Orchid will follow soon as well as some news items.


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  1. Howard Rice says:

    Glad you are back on. I’ve really missed your daily briefings and always look forward to them. They are always so informative and useful. Thanks. Howard

  2. Always happy to help out — I’ll take one problem in ten years, not too bad all things considered!