Vanda testacea – 365 days of orchids – day 1249

We are fortunate to have several small growing Vanda species at the orchid project and Vanda testacea is a real little charmer with a span of 30cm and relatively long upright spikes of pretty 2cm flowers.

Vanda testacea is native to The Himalayas from Nepal to Mayanmar and also from Sri Lanka where it is found from 700 to 2000m. The range implies it can take quite cool temperatures but we find it enjoys life with the other Vandas in Warm Asia.

Our plants always produce multiple spikes and make the species a really attractive member of this gorgeous genus, and one that needs limited space unlike some of its cousins such as Vanda coerulea (below) which grows to several metres – our plants are in spike again so expect it to feature in 365 days sometime in June.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    I looked up the name Testacea and it comes from the Latin word ‘testaceous’ meaning “made of brick or tiles” or brick coloured.