Two monsters available at the online shop

Two very different ‘monsters’ are now available online at our shop. Lealia anceps ‘veitchiana’ makes one of our favourite monster (as in giant) specimens and we have two divisions for sale. It produces larger flowers than the normal Laelia anceps varieties, on longer spikes and with more flowers 🙂

The second is Scaphosepalum beluosum, meaning ‘the monstrous scaphosepalum’ – I have to disagree with the description, it is a stunning little flower and not a monster at all. The red tinged leaves of the species are also attractive.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    They are a bit early for Halloween but Scaphosepalum beluosum does look like it has fangs and a red tongue. I think quite dragon like and scary really, when you look close up.