Trichoglottis rosea – 365 days of orchids – day 1240

As we have two of our three Trichoglottis species flowering this week it seems like a good idea to post them on consecutive days.

Trichoglottis rosea has a similar growth form to yesterdays Trichoglottis smithii with alternate leaves along a thick stem, its long lasting flowers are very different, as they are produced in profusion, much smaller and really fragrant.

Trichoglottis rosea is native to the Phillipines and Taiwan where it grows in lowland forest. This habitat is much cooler than the Borneo home of Trichoglottis smithii and so we grow Trichoglottis rosea in our Cool Americas section (min 12C).

The plant seems to prefer to grow pendulously and so we grow it both mounted and in baskets. Jess also grows it very successfully as a house plant. We were hoping to see this species in its habitat during our visit to Taiwan this March for the World Orchid Congress – lets hope that it is rescheduled to a date when we can travel again.

For completeness the third trichoglottis species is Trichoglottis pusilla (below), a very different species agin being a miniature grower un like T. smithii or T. rosea.


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