Stereochilus laxus – 365 days of orchids – day 1267

This delightful little orchid is one we have been working on correctly identifying and we are now more confident that we have the name correct. We given the plant many years ago without a valid name, and we have been calling it Cleisostoma crassifolia as it has a lot in common with cleisostomas.

We find this is a reliable small growing member of the vanda family. Tspecies is native to warm forests in Myanmar and possibly Thailand with short thick leaves and relatively long spikes with flowers that open successively along the flower spike.

The long lasting flowers look like little birds in flight and are large for the size of the plant which is only 8cm across.

The thick leaves and the fat roots are a good indication that this species comes from a warm dryish forest and so we grow it mounted and hung high in Warm Asia where it thrives on a daily spray and good light.


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