South African orchid duo now available on our online shop.

Stenoglottis longifolia (above) and Stenoglottis fimbriata (below) have now been added to our very popular online shop

Both species are South African terrestrial species from seasonally wet subtropical habitats.

We grow both species in our Cool Asia section with a minimum winter temperature of 10C and vents that open at 16C. We keep plants wet all summer but let them dry out from the end of December when the leaves turn brown and fall off. We also succeed growing the species indoors in a cool room.

Stenoglottis longifolia differs from the closely related species Stenoglottis fimbriata, in having larger rounder flowers, leaves without spots and a generally more robust and larger growth habit. It flowers about a month after Stenoglottis fimbriata from October through to January.

Plants for sale are strong plants in 7cm pots that will flower this autumn (S. fimbriata has the spots). Over time they will turn into large specimens such as the one shown in flower. The plants have all been raised at Writhlington School by the students of the orchid project.


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