School closing today

Sadly we are closing the school today for the COVID 19 crisis. it will be hard for our student growers to leave the greenhouse for a prolonged period – but we will be back. The school will have a skeleton staff to look after key workers’ children and the greenhouse will be skeleton staffed in an isolationist manner by the team. With no shows in the near future we will take the opportunity to concentrate on propagation, so expect lots of new species on our sales tables when the shows begin again.

365 days of orchids will continue during the shutdown and we will share the orchids that would have features at the London Show in April, the Devon Show and British Orchid Congress in May, the Malvern International Orchid Show in June. We wish all those involved with the shows that have been cancelled well and look forward to getting together in better times.

The final school activity today will be selling orchids for Mothers Day from 3.30 to 4.30.



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  1. Ric Reilly says:

    Great news that you are continuing with 365 orchids; a bit of light in the gloom.

  2. Agnes Jones says:

    I am very sad that school will be closed for some time. I will miss all the greenhouse gang very much and wish you all the best.

    I must congratulate you Simon on a beautiful Mother’s Day display. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to create such beautiful presents.

  3. Agnes Jones says:

    I understand from Edward and Katherine that there was a bit of a covert activity over a Dendrobium. Thank you very much!