Schoenorchis juncifolia – 365 days of orchids – day 1339

Many orchids from Vanda family flower during the summer and this species is a lovely pendulous species that produces masses of flowers. The plants shown now hangs more than a metre from its 8cm basket.

Schoenorchid juncifolia flowers several times each year from its long pendulous stems and was last in flower in February. The species is native to Java and Borneo and in the wild it is found at around 1000m altitude. The forest at 1000m we explored in Borneo is evergreen with year round rainfall and so we grow the species shaded and damp. We find that the species is tolerates a wide range of temperatures and it grows well both in Cool Asia (minimum 12C) or in Warm Asia (minimum 16C) (and all our other sections actually) a very accommodating species.

We grow plants in baskets and let the stems hang downwards and we spray them daily.

Schoenorchis is an interesting genus that includes some very small species such as Scoenorchis fragrans as well as large growing plants such as todays orchid of the day.


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