Restrepia radulifera – 365 days of orchids – day 1422

Autumn is a time when we see an explosion of blooming amongst our restrepia species. Restrepia radulifera is one of our largest flowered Restrepia species with 5cm flowers and the most startling deep red/pink synsepal (the fused lateral sepals that form the main part of restrepia flowers).

Like most of our restrepias this species flowers on and off throughout the year. The individual flowers last about a week but a new flush has takes over as flowers fade.

Restrepia radulifera is native to Venezuelan cloud forests at around 2500m altitude and so cool damp and shady are the culture requirements. We grow the species mounted, in baskets and in pots. Restrepia species are very variable in colouring especially as this is produced by spots and stripes and so a fantastic diverse little collection can be housed in a tiny space and we know several of our regular customers who succeed very well with restrepias indoors or in terrariums.


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