Restrepia lankesteri – 365 days of orchids – day 1451

Restrepias are a wonderful part of our diverse orchid collection and there is never a day without a few species in flower. One of the most floriferous is Restrepia lankesteri.

The species is endemic to Costa Rica where it grows in wet forests from 1500 to 1700m, a habitat we have enjoyed exploring on our school expeditions to Costa Rica, where we have had the pleasure of linking up with the amazing scientists at the Lankester Botanic Gardens. Both the Restrepia and botanic gardens are names in honor of British naturalist Charles H. Lankester (1879-1969) and his like to working for the flora of Costa Rica.

Restrepia lankesteri is generally considered to be a synonymous with Restrepis trichoglossa, a much more widespread species of Central and South America but the flower of R. lankesteri is larger and a different shape and so we keep the species separate. Our plants arrived amongst the plants of a generous Costa Rican diplomat in the 1990s unable to look after his beloved Costa Rican orchids.

We regularly have divisions for sale and are pleased to make this delightful orchid more widely available.




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