Renathera imschootiana – 365 days of orchids – day 1364

For the last few days we have had beautiful blue skies above the greenhouse which provide the perfect bachdrop to our magnificent Renanthera imschootiana. This close relative of Vanda is now 3m from top to toe and produces these wonderful branched spikes of long lasting bright red flowers at least twice a year – the last flowering was in May. The gigantic scale of this orchid are a wonderful contrast with yesterday’s tiny flowered Oberonia anthropophora – aren’t orchids great 🙂

The species is native to the Eastern Himalayas where it grows in warm evergreen forest along rivers from 500 to 1000m and we replicate these conditions by hanging the plant high in our Warm Asia section (min 17C) The flowers opening this week will still be out at the end of November.



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