Pleurothallis schweinfurthii – 365 days of orchids – day 1340

We really enjoy the diversity that the genus Pleurothallis gives us.

This remarkable species from the cloud forests of Peru and Bolivia produces  spikes of around ten large (3cm long) dramatic spidery flowers. The species is a strong grower and a mature plant  produces a profusion of spikes.

The species makes a medium sized plant and we find it does well in pots or mounted as shown by the differnt plants here.

Pleurothallis is a large genus with diverse flowers and growth habits and a genus well worth exploring. They are found throughout South and Central America growing in a wide range of habitats including those that the Orchid Project has visited in Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Belize. We have found the greatest diversity in the cooler wetter mountain forests but some species do flourish in dryer warm lowland forest and on sun baked granite cliffs. Some pleurothallis species are real miniatures and most have small but fascinating flowers. Pleurothallis schweinfurthii with its large and dramatic flowers might be a good starting point for getting to know these interesting plants.

Pleurothallis schweinfurthii plants will be amongst the start of term specials offered on our shop during the first week of September.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    This is a beautiful orchid and I love the dotty petals but it has a real mouthful of a name.