Pleurothallis grobyi – 365 days of orchids – day 1386

Regulars to 365 days will know that we have several clones of this miniature pleurothallis species. The clone shown is similar to varieties we have seen in Brazil with 4cm leaves and long spikes of relatively large beak like flowers. The Brazilian plants (with great diversity) in situ are shown below:


All of the plants we found were growing in primary forest in shade with abundant moss growing around them suggesting that plants appreciate being grown wet and shaded in cultivation.

Our own diversity includes the clone we call ‘tiny’ which is about half the size of our standard grobyi in all ways.

What ever the variety we find that Pleurothallis grobyi likes it cool and damp, but does well mounted, in pots and in baskets, and makes a great specimen over time.


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