Odontoglossum rhynchanthum – 365 days of orchids – day 1306

Our section with the greatest number of species is the Cool Americas section. This reflects the extraordinary bio-diversity of the mountains of South and Central America.

The country withg the greatest number of orchid species is Colombia and this beautiful species is endemic to Colombian cloud forest above 2000m. Authorities describe the species as producing 30cm spikes with up to seven flowers but our clone produces graceful arching spikes to 70cm with up to twelve flowers. Leading bulbs produce a number of spikes and give a fantastic display of the large and colourful flowers.

We have divided our older plants and now have several young plants in baskets like the one shown. We find that baskets are ideal for odontoglossum species as long as they can be kept damp with watering most days.

We grow our plants cool (minimum 12C) and damp all year.


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