Odontoglossum gloriosum – 365 days of orchids – day 1445

Even after 46 years of growing orchids I am still blown by the diverse beauty of this amazing plant family. Who would guess that a few red spots on a white flower could be as captivating as in this aptly names species.

Odontoglossum gloriosum is endemic to Colombia and is restricted to cloud forests from 2000 to 2800m. The plant therefore enjoys cool, damp and shady conditions which we provide in Cool Americas. This species produces larger bulbs than most of our other odontoglossums and 70cm long flower spikes with many branches and over 40 large and attractive flowers.

Our 900+ orchid species offer a constantly changing display and it is a treat to share them with you each day.

On Friday 11th December, I am giving an online talk to the Keynsham group, Avon Wildlife Trust, titled ‘Orchid Conservation Adventures in Sarawak’

The event is bookable on Eventbrite here https://orchid-conservation-adventures.eventbrite.co.uk. if you would like to ‘come along’ – The talk starts at 7.30pm.


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