Octomeria grandiflora – 365 days of orchids – day 1359

Orchid names are a constant source of pleasure and we particularly like unlikely names such as ‘grandiflora’ for a species with flowers just 2cm across!!! Of course they are large flowers for an octomeria species 🙂

Octomeria grandiflora is a reliable and floriferous species that I would always have in my collection. It is native to Brazil and we have seen it flowering in forests around Macae de Cima in Rio State growing amongst moss on the trunks of trees in humid primary forest (School trips have been to Brazil twice with the Rio Atlantic Forest Trust) . It appreciates shade and regular watering although we find it does well both mounted or in pots in our Cool Americas Section.

The flowers are produced from new and old growths over a period of months and often more than once a year. We will be offering divisions later this month.



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