Oberonia miniata – 365 days of orchids – day 1436

In contrast to yesterday’s monster Brassia we have one of our smallest flowered orchids for you today.

Oberonia miniata is a miniature flowered species native to Thailand and Malaysia where it grows in lowland forest. This oberonia species grows pendulous growths each year with short overlapping leaves and long terminal flower spikes of tiny yellow flowers in whorls.

Oberonia species are fascinating for their tiny flowers as well as their diverse growth patterns.

Oberonia species have been a significant component of the orchid flora we have observed in Sikkim, Laos and Arunachal Pradesh and they deserve more significance in collections however raising them from seed is made very challenging by the tiny flowers and tiny seed pods. We will be attempting to pollinate this plant this week – wish us luck.

We grow Oberonia miniata in Warm Asia in a basket and mounted to show off the pendulous habit.

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