Monster orchids for sale – Laelia superbiens and Prosthechea brassavolae

We have some true monster orchids at Writhlington and arguably the biggest is Laelia superbiens with bulbs and leaves up a metre tall topped with 2-3m flower spikes with giant heads of fantastic flowers. Our mature plants are several feet across but we have some divisions and we are offering this one for sale to anyone with courage and space.

For anyone who wants something similar but manageable as a house plant we are also offering a lovely compact form of Laelia anceps (below) with strongly growing divisions from another of our specimen plants.

We also have two plants of the most flambouyant of Prosthecheas – Prosthechea brassavolae. Again this is a large species (my hand for scale) and makes a wonderful specimen. Plants are in large baskets and in bud.


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