Masdevallia paiveana (large form – 365 days of orchids – day 1326

Last month I featured the small growing variety of Masdevasllia paiveana (below) but today we have the large growing form with the plant that is 80cm across and lighter pink flowers.

Masdevallia paiveana is native to Peru and Bolivia where it is found as an epiphyte in woodland around 2500m altitude.

The large clone (top) does need plenty of room but is very fest growing and vigorous. We have found that the large clone needs lots of good light to flower well – you can see from the photo that the south side (left) is full of hundreds of the pretty pink flowers, but the north facing side right has few flowers in comparison. This is therefore a great Masdevallia for those growing other light loving orchids such as members of the Cattleya family.




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