Masdevallia barlaeana – 365 days of orchids – day 1355

This intense red masdevallia flowers on long flower spikes perfectly presented for its hummingbird pollinators.

Masdevallia barlaeana is found from Colombia to Peru at high altitude (2200-3100m) as a lithophyte on rocky slopes – a similar habitat as that of Masdevallia veitchiana. The species is smaller growing and smaller flowered than its close relative Masdevallia coccinea but is a rewarding species to grow. We find that to reflect the natural habitat plants grow best cool but bright – which can be tricky in the summer – but the species is well worth the challenge.

The plant shown is growing mounted but the plant also does well in pots and the plant below in a 5.5cm pot shows off the smaller dimensions of the plant compared to Masdevallia coccinea.

We have recently propagated plants of this lovely species and they will appear on the shop later this month (when we have settled into our new hectic Covid safe term)


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