Isabellia pulchella – 365 days of orchids – day 1116

 Late last night I was came across this jewel in the greenhouse.

You could described Isabellia pulchella as a miniature orchid and though it flowers as a tiny plant, it grows into wonderful specimen plant over time. This plant has made a ball around a small basket and for the next few weeks will been covered in yummy little pink flowers from the top of the newest bulbs.

Isabellia pulchella is native to cloud forest in the Mata Atlantica and enjoys growing cool and moist in our Cool Americas section and the moss growing in this plant has grown there by itself (we keep the moss under control so that it doesn’t smother the plant). As you can see the plant grows out in all directions and we find that wrapping it back on itself helps to keep a compact plant. The opnly problem we find is ferns growing as weeds in the basket and some weeding is needed here later today.


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