Indoor orchids in winter

There is a little watery winter sunshine today – welcome for us and our indoor orchids. Light levels are very low in a UK winter compared to the light found in tropical regions and it is worth giving indoor orchids as much daylight as possible at this time of year. This is a south west facing window and in the summer plants here need a layer of shading – provided by slatted blinds – but though the winter it is a great place for orchids.

Plants are still actively growing as shown by the root tips on this Aerangis mysacidii – so i water every couple of days but feed less than in the summer to match the lower light levels and reduced photosynthesis.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    You are really lucky to have such large windows for your fantastic collection of orchids. How many are there I wonder?

    I note your excellent way to recycle your takeaway containers.