Explore the greenhouse part 3 – Warm Americas

Warm Americas is our lowland forest from South and Central America. Home to our Cattleyas such as the Cattleya trianae I showed being divided earlier and this wonderful Cattleya intermedia ‘coerulea’ native to Brazil – I will feature all our Cattleya intermedias next month when more of the varieties have flowered.

This section is our brightest with the auto shading coming into play at light levels above 500W/m2. This replicates the dryer brighter forests we have found in lowland Brazil, Guatemala and Belize (compared to the wet evergreen shady forests at higher altitudes)

 Open lowland forests in Guatemala full of orchids such as Prosthechea cochleata and Brassavola cuculata (shown below in habitat)


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Simon it needs a floor plan of the greenhouses so that people who haven’t been there know where the different sections are in relation to each other.

    I am really missing my very regular visits to the greenhouse!