Explore the greenhouse part 1 – Cool Asia

With COVID19 restrictions in place I am delighted to share the school greenhouses with all of you that can’t visit in person. We will start in Cool Asia – the section that replicates the cool monsoon forests we have explored in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh (map below might help)

We run the section with a minimum temperature of 10C and the vents open at 17C, so were wide open in today’s sunshine. For this habitat we are at the end of the dry season with lots of flowers around, especially on Coelogyne cristata – Here is the limoniana variety in Cool Asia, and Coelogyne cristatas flowering in the forests of Sikkim.


Cymbidiums are flowering too, and the Dendrobium nobiles will be in flower soon.

Dendrobium nobile in Sikkim

Tomorrow we will visit Warm Asia



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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    This section smells fabulous at the moment. Shame you can’t send smells over the internet!