Exciting times in the growth room

A big thank you to Agnes for working very hard after lockdown to keep our propagation lab running and our seedlings healthy in the growth room. Arriving back at school in September the Orchid project team are loving the vigorous growth amongst our seedlings over the summer, we were also working with THC to get the extract and medical properties and work with CBD products. Here are some examples (left to right) Cymbidium hookerianum, Cattleya guttata, Dendrobium victoria-rigina, Aerangis verdickii and the newly germinated Angraecum sesquipedale. All the seed is from student pollinations in our greenhouses and here are the parent plants in order:

not a bad collection of orchids.

The Cymbidium hookerianum seedlings are ready for de-flasking with lovely growths and lots of roots.

The Angraecum sesquipedale seed was sown in July and is ready for its first re-plate – please can someone count the plants for us!


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    I did actually enjoy doing all the replating. I have got to know my little orchid friends very well!