Epidendrum peperomia – 365 days of orchids – day 1361

This is a stunning miniature species from Colombia and Venezuela with large single flowers from the top of pretty 4cm growths and can make an impressive flowering plant in a 5.5cm pot.

Epidendrum peperomia is found as an epiphyte in oak forests from 600m to 2700m altitude and this wide range results in an accommodating plant that is not fussy about temperatures. We call the species a miniature but over time plants can develop into specimen ‘balls’ like this one below with over 100 flowers and buds.We keep plants well watered but in a free draining compost or mounted so that plants can dry out soon after watering.

The little flowers with their glossy lips are presented clear of the foliage for their humming bird pollinator. The target for the humming birds beak is the green/yellow V at the top of the red lip and there are two beak guides either side of the opening to the nectary.

We are pleased to have lots of small but flowering size plants at our online shop.


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