Ed’s tour of the greenhouse

We are sorry that we can’t be open to visitors at the moment but thanks to Ed’s photos you can cast an eye around our wonderful collection.

The first of our sections is Cool Asia (min 10C) vents open at 17C – currently full of growing plants – Coeloynes, dendrobiums, Vanda falcatas all making the most of the the growing season.

Warm Asia (min 17C) is home to todays orchid of the day (Renanthera imschootiana) and has flowers throughout the year.

Warm Americas (min 15C) is home to our Cattleyas and other warm growing species from South and Central America. We are eagerly awaiting the flowering of our specimen Cattleya bowringianaas – a real autumn treat.

Cool Americas (Min 12C) is bursting at the seams with thousands of plants from the sub-tribe Pleurothallidinae (Masdevallias, Pleurothallids, Stelis etc)

Finally our Warm Temperate section (Min 9C) which has become an overflow for Cool Asia and Cool Americas – full of promise for the spring 🙂

For more information on our growing methods, do explore the Orchid Culture tab.



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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Look into the crystal ball for a peek at the wonderful life’s work of the amazing Dr Simon Pugh – Jones MBE!