Dividing Coelogyne barbata

We have grown a wonderful specimen plant of Coelogyne barbata that won a cultural award from the RHS is 2018. Specimens can reach a point where they will potentially start to go down hill because of overcrowding themselves and I felt it was important to divide and propagate the plant while it was still in its prime.

The first stage was to heave it out of its pot and to remove the lower part of the root ball with a sterilised saw, this seems drastic but will reduce the damage to new roots when dividing.

Sterile secateurs were used to separate good sized pieces with two or three mature bulbs as well as this years growth.

A total of 27 plants were produced and potted in 1ltr and 2ltr squat pots of course bark. These plants should make a lovely show this autumn and go on to become specimens of the future.

We are trialing grey, fully recyclable pots – any thoughts welcome.



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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    When I got home from the greenhouse I left the plant you gave me on the dining room table and I got lots of admiration noises from my two daughters. I thought at first it was for the plant but they meant the pot. Being two girls of discerning taste I think your pot colour choice was very much approved of for interior decoration and will prove popular as grey is obviously a fashionable colour at the moment.

    Coelogyne stricta, the plant in the grey pot, has a new home on my dining room windowsill. The grey pot fits in well with the blue colour scheme of the room. Thanks Simon!