Dendrochilum abbreviatum – 365 days of orchids – day 1286

The genus Dendrochilum is a fascinating group of orchids and although many of them have small flowers, the plants have enormous impact. For anyone who is unfamiliar with dendrochilums here are some that have flowered in the past 12 months:

Dendrochilum magnum is our largest denrochilum species.

Dendrochilum cobbianum is our most awarded dendrochilum species

Dendrochilum javierense is our most requested dendrochilum species

…and our orchid of the day, Dendrochilum abbreviatum adds further diversity with it very large (for a dendrochilum) flowers and unique green and yellow coloration.

The name Dendrocilum abbreviatum  means ‘The short dendrochilum’ and I guess that this may refer to the relatively short inflorescence compared to similar species. The species is endemic to Java and is reported (in the excellent book ‘Orchids of Java’ by J.B.Comber) to be found growing as an epiphyte in primary forest from 700-2000m. We grow the species in shade in our Warm Asia section (min 17C) which approximates well to the natural environment, and we keep all our dendrochilums well watered throughout the year, and especially wet when in active growth each summer.



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