Dendrobium striolatum – 365 days of orchids – day 1334

We have several orchids that produce upside-down flowers (non-resupinate flowers) with the lip at the top rather than the bottom. This is one of the few Dendrobiums we have that has non-resupinate flowres and it makes them very reminiscent of african Polystachya species (see poltstchya pachychila and Polystachya galeata, both from Rwanda, below)

Dendrobium striolatum is endemic to Australia where it is found growing on cliffs and boulders in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, in exposed conditions. It copes with these exposed conditions with short (15cm) terete leaves and a slow growth habit.

Each summer it produces one or two long lasting flowers from the base of this year’s leaves and the flowers are relatively large (up to 1.5cm) and long lasting.

The whole plant is pendulous and so we grow the species mounted on cork and avoid disturbance to its leisurely progress. This plant was deflasked in 2000 and is still a smallish plant after twenty years although it flowers regularly every year.


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