Dacula sodiroi – 365 days of orchids – day 1327

We have had some really hot days in the greenhouse which has been a little worrying for one of my favourite summer orchids. Dracula sodiroi has unique flowers that hang like little orange lanterns and are produced in twos or threes, well spaced, on spikes clear of the lush green leaves. The insides of the flowers are covered with white hairs. Flowers are about 2cm across and 4cm from the top to the tip of the tails.

The species is endemic to cool wet forests in Ecuador from 1500-2400m altitude and, in common with other dracula species, is sensitive to high temperatures if not kept very wet in summer. I divided our stock plant last year and the divisions are all flowering, though I am aware that they have yet to fully establish so I am keeping them ultra wet in this hot weather.

The flowers are long lasting and once a plant is happy it will produce flowers on and off throughout the the summer and autumn making it a very rewarding species to grow.


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