Comparettia ignea – 365 days of orchids – day 1456

This miniature member of the Oncidium family is new to 365 days and once again shows the astonishing diversity of orchids. This is the first flowering of seedlings of the species which has terete leaves 4cm long and long thin flower spikes that hold the 2cm bright scarlet, humming bird pollinated flowers well clear of the leaves. The flowers open successively and so we will have these dancing flowers for months to come.

Comparettia ignea is endemic to Colombia growing as a twig epiphyte in forests from 1400-1600m. We have seen the closely related Comparettia coccinea in Brazil growing in open woodland and old orange trees amongst grassland where they experience good light and lots of fresh air as well as a wet tropical climate.

We grow the species in pots in our warm americas section.


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