Coelogyne pulverula – flower spike over a metre long

I posted Coelogyne pulverula in April but another plant has just flowered with a spike over 1m long (I was clearly wrong when I said ‘up to 100cm long in my April post) with 52 flowers on the spike – see metre rule in the first photo. What a magnificent species.

The species is native to Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo where it grows on the trunks and lower branches of large trees in evergreen forest from 300 to 1800m. We find that the species enjoys growing warm but well shaded and kept moist throughout the year.  We find that leaves can become damaged by bright sun or by plants being allowed to become dry for long periods.




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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    I still have the long spike you gave me when we were working together in the greenhouse during lockdown. The garland of beautiful flowers are rather dry now but have been hanging all this time from a mirror in my dining room. At the time you suggested that I might wear it as a crown on my head but I am glad I didn’t because it was covered with ants. What wonderful coffee coloured flowers they are.