Can you help save East Hill Field, Frome, from development into housing?

As you know we at the Orchid Project are very keen to support conservation of wild areas for flora, fauna, human wellbeing and to combat global warming. East Hill Field, near us in Frome, is a remnant of ancient parkland with 25 magnificent trees with tree preservation orders including six veteran native smaller leaved lime trees, and beautiful copses. Mendip District Council despite its declared intention to ‘Increase the potential for carbon absorption in our local landscape, and increase biodiversity in our district’ is proposing to build housing on the field, and we are keen to protect the field and see the housing put on other local brownfield sites.

The full pdf of the leaflet is here Leaflet pdf

Please have a read, and feel free to e-mail the council to express you opinion on the development proposal.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    This is terrible news. People need housing but I am sure there are less destructive places to build. You have my full support on this but I don’t understand from the leaflet, not being from Frome myself, where East Field is. Please would you explain to those of us not so familiar with the area.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      There is a map on the leaflet which shows it is on the east edge of town off the Warminster road.