Bulbophyllum coomberi – 365 days of orchids – day 1297

As the website was down for three days we have three catch up orchids today to maintain our record of a flowering orchid from the greenhouse every day of the year (now well into our forth year)

The first catch up orchid is this fascinating little bulbophyllum with a really attractive string of pearls style growth habit.


The species native to Malaysia, Java and Borneo and we saw a number of similar species in Sarawak on the trunks and lower branches of trees in lowland forests. These forests have year round rainfall but plants dry out between storms. We grow the species mounted and it produces dangling stems of small single leaved pseudobulbs and flowers several times a year from the base of the pseudobulbs.

The flowers are small but an attractive dark red and they a well worth a closer look.


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