Bank Holiday miniature orchids on sale

Last week we added some giant orchid species to the shop, but this weekend we are adding divisions of several of our specimen miniatures.

We are particularly fond on these diminutive plants that add so much to our collection. These are all plants that we have been growing for at least ten years at Writhlington, and we find them all rewarding and straight forward to grow. Plants include Platystele misasiana (above) which is one of our smallest miniatures but one that produces masses of flowers.  Isabellia puchella (below) which starts flowering as a miniature but develops into a medium sized plant over time.

Dryadella simnula with its delicate little narrow leaves and intriguing flowers.


and the very unusual and very tiny, scaphosepalum ovulare.

All the plants are growing in our 5.5cm pots.


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