Aerangis mystacidii – 365 days of orchids – day 1354

This species is one of my most successful indoor plants and has flowered every year for the past four years. It is in the morning sun today on its shelf 1m from and facing our east facing bifold doors.

The plant here is growing on a cork mount that I sit in a ceramic dish. I water by spraying the roots most days with rain water/feed (I fill my sprayer from the greenhouse tank which has rain water and weak feed in it) So when I am asked “Is it possible to grow mounted orchids in a house?” the answer is yes. We also have plants mounted in the greenhouse where we find the species one of the easier Aerangis species to grow. We grow them in shade in Warm Asia though they will grow cooler.

Aerangis mystacidii is endemic to South Africa growing in forest along rivers in dryer areas and in evergreen forests in wetter areas. We have seen related species flourishing in woodland just north of Durban (see photo below) during our visit in 2011.

The photo shows several species, probably Mystacidium capense, Mystacidium venosum and Microcoelia obovata, growing together on a small branch in semi-evergreen coastal forest.

The natural habitat suggests that the Aerangis mystacidii will enjoy shaded conditions with very good drainage but some water throughout the year.

Aerangis are easy orchids to grow on from seedlings and we have seed from the plant shown de-flasked in the greenhouse so more plants will be up on the shop soon, along with a couple of other aerangis species.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    It should be weak feed not week feed!

  2. Agnes Jones says:

    Will this lovely orchid grow successfully in a pot too?

    Your Phalaenopsis Bellina looks amazing too with its beautifully shiny leaves. A truely inspiring plant collection so imaginatively displayed.