Aerangis biloba – 365 days of orchids – day 1460

For Christmas Eve we have this lovely star like African species seems very appropriate.


Aerangis biloba is the Aerangis we find the easiest to succeed with. It is a species from Central and West Africa where it grows in deep shade in woodland up to 700m altitude. The large leaves are a deep green again indicating a plant that enjoys low light levels. The name refers to the unequally bilobed leaves ( a character it actually shares with many Aerangis species).

Most aerangis are compact plants that produce impressive flowers and look particularly arresting when grown mounted to show off the lovely roots and generally pendulous habit, we would not be without our Aerangis species.

The flowers have relatively short spurs (just 3-4cm) that contain the nectar for pollinating moths and plants are very free flowering. We find that this species is easy to grow from seed and de-flasks well straight onto mounts. It has flowered for us just two years from de-flasking and even produces the occasional kiki (little plant) from its roots. We have several Aerangis species ready for de-flasking this spring so look out for some spectacular seedlings in the new year.


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  1. Dean says:

    Thanks for the daily dose of orchid! Really informative for newbies like me. My wish list is getting larger! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year