A thank you from Nottingham

Chloe here, I wanted to thank the orchid team back home for my delivery from Etsy- it was just in time as I had to isolate in my flat and wanted to bring a bit of the outside inside. The wonderful Stenoglottis longifolia is currently flowering, as is the Stellis stevensonii. The Coelogyne cristata is also a favourite of mine and I couldn’t resist it when I saw one available on Etsy.  All three orchids have somehow managed to squeeze onto my dorm room window sill and are very happy alongside my Tilansia’s, tea plant, and several terrariums as well as a few other orchids (including Thomas the Cymbidium sp).

Stenoglottis longifolia

Stellis stevensonii

Coelogyne cristata

Thomas the Cymbidium



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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Your window looks lovely Chloe. Plants really make a place homely don’t they.