Dendrobium chrysotoxum- 365 days of orchids – day 1195

Today we have one of the amazing dendrobium species currently flowering in our Warm Asia section. The golden flowers of the species always transport me to the remarkable forsts of the Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos.

Dendrobium chrysotoxum is native to seasonally dry forest monsoon forests and we found it in several locations at around 1000m around Paksong. Plants were mostly growing on the trunk and lower branches of large trees in good light as shown on the photo below.

In cultivation we reflect the natural habitat by growing plants warm and wet in the summer in Warm Asia but give a cooler and much dryer winter in the top of Cool Americas. We find that baskets are ideal for this rewarding species that gives an immense amount of flower for the size of the plant. We have a number of plants and we will have flowers from now until the end of April.

This is a species from dendrobium, section densiflorum, which contains 14 species, characterised by flowers in a miltiflowered inflorescence produced near the top of stout pseudobulbs. The pseudobulbs have a few leathery leaves near the top. All 14 species are stunning and we have six of them flowering over the next month – see if you can spot them all.


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