Orchid button holes

One of the great things about growing orchids is having flowers handy for special occasions. Tomorrow is my Son’s wedding (Covid safe so 9 people standing up in a registry office for fifteen minutes) and here are three button holes ready for the day Odontoglossum hallii, Renanthera imschootiana and Epigenium amplum – let me know […]


Masdevallia floribunda – 365 days of orchids – day 1385

No apologies for another Masdevallia this morning (the fourth in a row), these rewarding orchids are a real key feature of our collection. Masdevallia floribunda is a wonderful little species that produces masses of relatively large flowers every autumn. The species is native to wet forests from Mexico to Costa Rica and the Caribbean from […]


Jacob’s Research Masters Degree at Kent University

The photograph above was taken in 2011 and shows a young Jacob Coles (aged twelve I think) when he was already showing immense promise as orchid grower, scientist and researcher. I am delighted to  report that this promise has continued, and he has just started a fascinating, orchid based, research Masters Degree at Kent University, […]