Dendrobium dantania – 365 days of orchids – day 1386

This intriguing species is new to 365 days of orchids and is the second flowering of this species with small yellow and red flowers produced in tight clusters on the older pseudobulbs. Dendrobium dantania is named after the waterfalls in Vietnam with the same name (Dantiana) and is recorded in warm forests at around 1000m […]


Two monsters available at the online shop

Two very different ‘monsters’ are now available online at our shop. Lealia anceps ‘veitchiana’ makes one of our favourite monster (as in giant) specimens and we have two divisions for sale. It produces larger flowers than the normal Laelia anceps varieties, on longer spikes and with more flowers 🙂 The second is Scaphosepalum beluosum, meaning […]


Pleurothallis grobyi – 365 days of orchids – day 1386

Regulars to 365 days will know that we have several clones of this miniature pleurothallis species. The clone shown is similar to varieties we have seen in Brazil with 4cm leaves and long spikes of relatively large beak like flowers. The Brazilian plants (with great diversity) in situ are shown below:   All of the […]