Orchid Compost

Good compost is at the heart of our orchid culture. After 30 years of experimenting we use just high quality course bark for all our plants. It allows us to keep plants well watered while maintaining perfect drainage, lasts for ages, is sustainable, and is safe to handle. We find that we do need to […]


Pleurothallis linearifolia – 365 days of orchids – day 1393

Another wonderful mini-miniature today. Some of our orchids are not much bigger than the moss that grows around them and Pleurothallis linearifolia is a true miniature species native to Brazil and Northern Argentina where it grows in cloud forest. Leaves are only 1cm long but flowers are relatively large and bourn in profusion every autumn. We […]


Specimen time

We have some lovely specimen Coelogynes for sale. The plants are filling their 2 litre pots and are in spike for flowers in the spring. The species are Coelogyne stricta and Coelogyne holochila respectively. It is great to watch the spikes now that will fill the greenhouse with flowers in the spring