Vanda pumila – 365 days of orchids – day 1009

We have some large and dramatic Vanda species in our collection but this is a smaller, subtle species with long lasting, fragrant, relatively large flowers on a plant 20cm across.

We have seen this small growing Vanda species in Sikkim growing on roadside trees at around 300-500m altitude alongside Vanda ampulacea (see day 130). It grows in exposed positions in good light and survives the dry season (winter) with its thick leaves and abundant fleshy roots. The climate here is hot wet summers with dryer, cooler winters and we replicate this by moving the species  around the greenhouse with the seasons.

For most of the year it hangs mounted in our Warm Asia Section (Min 17C) – where it is flowering now – but in January and February we will move it to hang high in the roof of our Cool Americas Section (Min 12C)


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