Trichoglottis pusilla – 365 days of orchids – day 1000

We had a good look around the greenhouse to find the species worthy of day 1000 and went for this delightful miniature. We have two different clones of the species in flower this morning the first has three more upright, smaller, flowers and the second has four flowers that are more hanging. This is the first time we have had two plants in flower together and we will cross pollinate flowers later today. We have tried self pollination but this has been unsuccessful (as it is with many orchids) and so successful seed raising depends on having two different clones as we have here.

Trichoglottis pusilla is native to Java where it grows in rain forest from 1000 to 2000m altitude. It is a true miniature with a leaf span of 5cm but large dramatic flowers which hang down from the plant.

We grow this species mounted in Warm Asia where it lives high up but shaded on a mesh frame that allows good air movement but easy spraying with rain water and feed every day.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the trouble to follow our daily posts, we appreciate the interest and look forward to meeting more of our followers at shows over the next year.


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  1. Howard Rice says:

    Congratulations and a huge thank you for providing so much invaluable information and advice.