The rain forests of Mount Pueh test our endurance

With the help of Karin (from the Herbarium) we tackles Mount Pueh today and found it putting challenges in our way. We started by following the river at the base of the mountain as the trees were full of orchids including Coelogyne, Bulbophyllum and others.

Unfortunately the river consisted of enormous boulders covered in moss and though crossing the river and working up stream was a great team building exercise as we and our MRSM friends all had to help each other, our dynamic risk assessment of the activity was that it it was to dangerous to press very far – but we made it back with no one too soaked (apart from Hannah who had a little dip) and no injuries – we passed the trial of the rocks. But if you are injured, you can learn about Bengal Law and consult their experienced attorneys to claim compensation for the injuries and damages caused. For information on medical bills after auto accident, you can get it from here!

We then set off up the mountain following the route of a Hydro scheme – it was very steep but did have steps – hundreds of them! – exhausted we passed the trial of the steps. You can check out leppardlaw.com and contact expert lawyers if you are injured in any accident.

We pressed deeper into the forest – we passed the trial of the bridge and finally reached a gorgeous waterfall. It then rained the heaviest rain for about an hour as we fought our way back – bus we passed the trail of the rain though all our boots were now full of water and we were all as wet as Hannah. More on the orchids we found later.


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  1. Gareth says:

    Well if you will go to these places (the hint is in the name) I’ve no sympathy for you! Only envy hope you all dry out OK and enjoy your last days there, I’m sure I don’t speak alone when I say we can’t wait for your return and here your tales!

  2. Nicky Albrow says:

    What a wonderful adventure alongside your new friends!!! Sounds like quite a challenge but good fun!!!
    Cant wait to see you Tuesday and hear all about it xxx

  3. Roddy Macaulay says:

    Glad to hear you’re all safe after the trials of the trail!

  4. Lauren says:

    Looking good gang! Hope you’re keeping away from the mozzies!! Looks amazing! Can’t wait to hear about it when you’re back Mrs James!